Varaždin, Varaždinska street – branch III 6, Jalkovec.

For the last 20 years or so, METAL-PLASTIKA has specialized in the production of equipment for storing, transporting and cleaning grains.

METAL-PLASTIKA offers quality silos, transport systems and grain cleaning equipment that are ideal for various storage and transport needs. Our hopper silos ensure even dosing and discharge of material, ensuring consistent quality of your products.

For fast and efficient transfer, screw conveyors are at your disposal that can be powered by electric motor or hydro motor, if there is a need for transshipment in the field.

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042/370 300 | 091/579 0889


METAL-PLASTIKA is a manufacturing business founded in 1993 by Mirko Zdjeličan. After getting acquainted with the work and needs of animal feed mixing plants and similar production plants in 1998. expanded (increased) many years of experience in the manufacture of tools and machine parts with the manufacture of grain transport equipment. 2001. silos were also added to the production program.

We achieved (it was achieved) the increase in business space by building a locksmith workshop at the current address and headquarters of the trade in Varaždin, Varaždinska street – branch III 6, Jalkovec. At the end of 2009 with the retirement of Mirko, daughter Dubravka Zdjeličan takes over the ownership of the craft and continues the long-standing family tradition.